Magic Kingdom

Adult Beverages Are Not Allowed in the Magic Kingdom

D.A.D. recommends that you drink before you get there

There is no rule saying you can't have a few adult beverages before you get to the Magic Kingdom. Every resort sells beer, wine and liquor.  Most of them have some type of bar.  You can imbibe to your hearts content in your room and then hop on the bus to the park.

We have never had a drink inside the gates of the Magic Kingdom. And we never will

Be Warned!  If you are caught drinking or under the influence of alcohol in the Magic Kingdom you will be forced to quickly exit the park under security escort and they will not let you back in - maybe forever!  It could be messy and you could go to jail.  We strongly recommend not drinking in the Magic Kingdom.

However, our friend Ernie has and he told us all the things in the rest of this  section.  Here are his rules, guideline and suggestions.  D.A.D. in no way endorses breaking rules, but we thought his rules were amusing.

Stealth Drinking

Beer is out of the question. To bulky to carry and can be spotted and smelled a mile away. Go for the hard stuff.   Is that a bottle of Dasani Water on that official park bottle strap or a bottle of Vodka? That bottle of Coke in your backpack could be a Rum & Coke.  Be sure to use the brands and bottle shapes they sell at the parks and resorts. It's best to get the bottles while on property to make sure they are a match.

Mixers in the Park

There are lots of great mixers in the park. Coke, Diet Coke, OJ, Sprite are available everywhere. Try the pineapple float over in Adventure Land, makes a great frozen drink!

Dress Properly

It's Important to look as touristy as possible and be decked in official Disney garb. Upscale casual resort wear is also a good choice. Think of all of the people with those backpacks full of stuff that look silly. They never get stopped. You want to look like them.  The Jack Daniels hat and "Drink till ya' puke" t-shirt is a bad choice. 

Don't draw attention to yourself

Staggering, falling down and throwing up in the Mickey Topiary are things that will surely draw attention to yourself. So will yelling out loudly to your friends "Hand me the rum!!".  It is never recommended in this, or any park for that matter, to get out of control.

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