Our Favorites

The Gurgling Suitcase

On the marina and right next door to Olivia's Restaurant at Old Key West Resort is tucked away one of the nicest little bars at Walt Disney World.  Hard to think that this little place could be one of out favorites, but this bar is on "Must Go To" list when on property.   

Small, relaxed and about the most friendly place a Disney to have a drink and talk with friends.  A good place to watch a game on a regular sized TV with a very small crowd.  Just about everything on the menu of Olivia's can be ordered at the bar.   

The inside of the bar can only seat about a dozen and I've only seen it crowded midday when they are making drinks for the pool crowd.  If the weather is nice there is good seating outside by the marina.  For those that enjoy a smoke with your drink, there is a smoking area right next to it.

The Dawa Bar

Located in the Animal Kingdom in Harambie by The Tusker House.  Could there be a better spot at Disney to sit under a thatched roof and drink rum based cocktails?  We think not.  The normally very friendly bartenders add to the experience.  We often find ourselves staying here for longer than we had planned as just one more Harambie Cooler seems in order.

The Dawa has great views, access to food nearby and is the perfect place for a pre or post safari libation.  There is an occasional show in the courtyard of African dancers that is worth watching.  Just off the beaten track enough that most pass it right by, but close to everything in Harambie.  

The Muddy River Pool Bar

At the main pool in Port Orleans Riverside.  One of the nicest pool bars on property and one of the few with a real bar and barstools.  Always on the list of bars to hit during our stay.  Just off to the right of the bar there are tables that you can even smoke at.  Rarely a line, good drinks and friendly bartenders.  When you need a break, take a dip in the very nice pool or stand in line with the kids for the water slide. A great reason to stay at Port Orleans Riverside.  Open 11:30am to 9:30pm.

50's Prime Time Cafe Tune-In Cocktail Lounge

Another table service restaurant that gets on the list due to it's separate cocktail lounge and the only real bar at Disney Hollywood Studios.  The bar area is the waiting zone for people getting a table in the restaurant so it can be hard to get a seat at the bar around dinner time, but if you can snag one, it's a great place to park and have a few drinks.  If there's no seating inside, you can take your cocktails out to the tables by Echo Lake and sit at an umbrella covered table to stay out of the sun.

Les Vins des Chefs de France

Located in France at Epcot.  Visit the outside wine kiosk which has fantastic Grey Goose Vodka and Grand Marnier slushies.  There is good bistro seating off to the right.  Many a sunny afternoon has been spent toasting to life here.  TIP: If it's too sunny, pick up the table and drag it over to where the shade is.  We have done this many times and have never had a problem.

The Rose & Crown

Located in England at Epcot.  The Rose & Crown is not a place to be rushed through. It is our favorite for adult drinking and dining when time is not an issue. On our last trip we started out here for a beer and ended up staying the entire evening.

Without an ADR the wait can be over an hour for seating. This is not a problem for us at The Rose & Crown as it gives us time to sit in the pub and relax with their great selection of UK brews and chat with the knowledgeable bartenders on the fine points of single malt scotch. We always get the single malt sampler tray to share.

The Hat Lady has a great show in the pub and its a great way to pass a few Boddingtons.

Great pub food in the restaurant at expected Disney prices. Friendly servers, especially if you are friendly yourself. Their is not a lot of food here that we would call exceptional, but it is what it is - English pub food. Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, all that good stuff.

Mexico Margarita Stand  -   

La Cantina de San Angel

A good place to start the Drinking Around the World tour with a large margaritas or two and a burrito to provide a good base for the day ahead.  Grab a table by the lake and enjoy.  Just up a ways towards Norway there is a smaller Margarita Stand that sell top shelf margaritas.  The food is just average Mexican fare but decent enough and not overpriced.

The River Roost

In the Port Orleans Riverside Resort lobby.  A comfortable bar with the addition of live entertainment.  Bob Jackson the piano guy is a family-friendly fun act that gets the crowd up and going.  One of the few drinking establishments on property with good live entertainment.  No admission charge and no cover charge. Tuesday through Saturday nights Bob plays from 8:30pm until Midnight (schedule is subject to change).

 Here's our list of the best  drinking areas at Walt Disney World

Brother Lee's Picks:

Gurgling Suitcase at Old Key West Resort

Dawa at the Animal Kingdom

Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot

France Champagne Stand in Epcot


Mexico Margurita Stand in Epcot

50's Prime Time at Disney Studios

Fulton's in Downtown Disney

Any bar on Diseny's Boardwalk

 Brother Dean's Picks:

Dawa at the Animal Kingdom

Gurgling Suitcase at Old Key West Resort

The Pool Bar at Port Orlenas Riverside

France Champagne Stand in Epcot Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot


50's Prime time at Disney Studios

Mexico Margurita Stand in Epcot

Any bar on the Boardwalk

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